The beginning

HML Specialist is run by Ronald Miguel, a very skilled president with a long professional history of working in the area of high tension electricity.

Starting out at KODELA (now Aquaelectra, the electric company of Curacao), acquiring a lot more experience working for Dutch temporary employment agencies, KPN (largest Dutch phone company) through 10 years at Eneco Energy in The Hague (one of the largest Dutch electric companies).  

It did not take long for Ronald to gain the trust of not only the smaller companies, but also the larger corporations. In him they saw a worthwhile investment. Because of his never diminishing ambition, enthusiasm and passion for learning new things, it did not take him long attain several promotions. From maintenance mechanic, to assistant mechanic, to first mechanic and finally, high tension mechanic.

Fluctuating economic circumstances did not have any negative influence at the execution of his activities. Not only his reputation as a hard worker, but also his knowledge built from years of experience, made sure that businesses would hire him without any hesitation.

He himself is convinced that his rock steady faith in God, has helped him to accomplish al he has, and is, today.

Ronald Miguel has successfully crossed over from employee, to employer.

I can do all things through God which strengthened me. Philippians 4 : 13


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