What we do

Our activities are generally fixing and assembling high and middle tension electricity wires.

The workings of putting down wires is one aspect, but connecting them is an area of expertise in itself. This transformed over time in a separate specialism. Before that, electric companies have long held these activities under their own control because of their crucial nature.
But for the past few years things are changing and the electric companies put out several activities.

For these activities there is not yet a college that offers this kind of education. People need to learn this on the job, but they can update their knowledge through a MBO education (Intermediate Vocational "Secondary" Education) like MMI and MLN at the V.E.V. in The Netherlands.

If you want well skilled professionals at this time, you have to look for those people who are good with their hands and have a taste for the mechanical. Then you have the opportunity to train them on the job.


General: At the placement of the connection, the socket takes over the mechanical and electrical function of the cable. A socket is a protection of the spot where two wires have been welded together.
You have several types of sockets, such as:
- lead sockets
- sockets that make use of casting resin
- sockets that make use of shrinking techniques

HML Specialist is specialized in:
- assembling and maintaining of a large variety of sockets.
- the removal and assembling of High and Middle tension networks.
- a variety of other job related activities. (Call us for more information)

Public lighting

Aside from underground public lighting activities we are also specialized in upper level activities. For example, we place lighting masts and we do group emplace.


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